Vampyr Will Release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in June

Dontnod Entertainment has announced a release date for their upcoming game Vampyr via Episode Four of its web series Dontnod Presents. It was originally slated for a November 2017 but was then delayed to a Spring 2018 release window.

Vampyr is an action-RPG which takes place in Victorian-era 1918 London during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Players will assume the role of protagonist Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor who was turned into a vampire. Players will have to choose whether to embrace their vampiric abilities or save lives as a doctor. Anyone in the game can be targeted by the player, as every action is said to have consequences in the game’s branching narrative.

As Jonathan E. Reid, players will have to face other variants of vampires such as the werewolf-like Vulkod and the sewer-dwelling Skals as well as non-supernatural enemies like the Guard of Priwen, a secret society of vampire hunters. Using vampiric powers in combat will drain the player’s blood bar, so they will need to feed to replenish their powers. Additionally, players will wield a variety of melee and ranged weapons, alongside a slew of vampiric abilities from utilizing blood spears to controlling their shadows to hide and strike from hidden positions.

Players will able to level up by earning experience points through the completion of quests but the highest experience points can be gained by sucking the blood of innocents. The purity of the innocent counts into how much experience players stand to gain. There will be four endings to Vampyr. One of those endings can only be reached by going through the entire game without killing anybody.

Dontnod Entertainment is best known for Life Is Strange, an episodic graphic adventure game which was released periodically throughout 2015. Published by Focus Home Interactive, Vampyr will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 5, 2018.