Overwatch Nerf Guns Are Coming in 2019

Have you ever wanted to smack your friends with nerf balls, specifically Overwatch nerf balls? Well now thanks to the Overwatch nerf guns that are coming in 2019, you can.

Nerf is teaming up with Overwatch to launch a series of themed blasters, helping you bring the video games into backyards and living rooms everywhere. So Widowmaker mains, now you can practice those sniping skills in real life, as well as in the game.

The Overwatch Twitter account announced this partnership in a tweet which you can see below. It mentioned that the nerf guns will be coming next year, but there was nothing more added.

The play weapons for Overwatch will be part of the Nerf Rival line.  These play guns are a style of high-performance, play gun that represents are a much softer alternative to the hard-hitting, back-breaking paintball. Of course, you could also just grab a soft tennis racket and hit your sibling with it, but we don’t condone real-life violence here at Game Revolution. So stick to nerf guns.

Another thing that wasn’t revealed was the price, as well as other weapon specifications. So expect more news in the future, but until then we’re grasping at straws on what we should expect from the Overwatch and Nerf partnership.

Yet some would argue that Nerf Rival are a little too late when it comes to making Overwatch weapons. There have been fans who have already made their own Overwatch-themed nerf guns, such as DVA’s blaster and Reaper’s hellfire shotguns. If there is one thing you can’t accuse Overwatch cosplayers of, it’s lack of dedication to even the finest of details.

Will you be getting the newest Overwatch nerf guns when they are released? Is there a particular hero’s weapon you just need to have? Let us know.