New Black Ops 4 Zombie Mode Set in Ancient Gladiator Arena, 1920s

In a weird twist, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies mode will be set in an ancient gladiatorial arena, the Titanic, and in a classic map from the franchise’s past. Treyarch revealed each in their own trailer during their Black Ops 4 reveal event today.

After the four characters, Bruno, Diego, Shaw and Charlotte, drank a mysterious potion, they transported to an Ancient Rome-like setting. A mysterious man sacrificed some people through a ritual. The subjects then transformed into the classic zombies while a demon-like creature jumped out from one of them. Instead of guns, each player rushed into the arena with swords and shields to slay the undead.

The second map took place on the Titanic where the main characters were attempting to steal an artifact from a safe. After some suave Oceans 11-like tactics, the team broke into the vault. However, a mysterious man foiled their plans, sending the whole ship into disarray with a zombie curse. The ritzy vibe mixed with the tension of pulling of the heist gave this trailer a completely different feel from the the gladiator arena.

Blood of the Dead was the third and final map that will ship with the game. While the trailer was short and did not show much, it teased a return of a popular map from Black Ops‘ past. The four playable characters and prison-like setting heavily implied that it will be some sort of remake or reimagining of the Mob of the Dead map from Black Ops 2.

This was only one of the modes shown at the reveal event. While the game will not have a traditional single-player campaign, it will have its classic competitive multiplayer and a brand new battle royale mode.

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