Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Map First Look

Blizzard has revealed the new map for its Overwatch anniversary event, which begins next week. The tease, which took place between Overwatch League matches across the weekend, takes on a whistlestop tour on all of the brand-new locale, which is part Indiana Jones, part Assassin’s Creed Origins in terms of dune-filled design.

Petra, which is a deathmatch-only map, will be part of the Competitive Deathmatch playlist for the span of the Overwatch second anniversary. With it being part of the competitive side of multiplayer, you’re probably expecting a nice, ordinary map with a lot of balance and very few choke points. You might be surprised as to what you find.

The 90-second video, which you can see below, details the lovingly crafted murals in the underground city found in Southern Jordan, including an acropolis-style temple that protrudes from the map, and covers two floors. There’s an extensive interior, too, filled with wide halls and even bigger opportunities for some serious plays of the game if you’re quick on the trigger.

As mentioned by Jeff Kaplan, the map also features a mega health pack at the centre of the action, which is sure to be a heated battleground for many a free-for-all fanatic.

My favorite part of the map even ties into that health pack, as it stands on some pretty uneven ground. In fact, as the trailer shows, you can even crack the floor of the new Overwatch map and send opponents plummeting to an untimely death. That is what they get for trying to get extra health.

While it’s unknown how long Petra will be around for, it’s confirmed to stay for at least the next three weeks on competitive rotation. Here’s hoping it’ll have a long life yet as, aesthetically, it looks like one of the most interesting Overwatch maps to date.