Quantic Dream to Release Four New Animated Shorts

Do you remember back in 2012 when Quantic Dream released a technical demo, showcasing the concept of a prototype that ran in real-time on the PlayStation 3? That demo was called ‘Kara’ and it went on to inspire Quantic Dream’s upcoming video game, Detroit Become Human.

Considering that the prototype was developed on the PlayStation 3, it left many (including us) blown away at the technical and visual mastery shown off by the studio. Whether you like or dislike the studio, David Cage or whoever else involved, it’s hard to deny that the technical demo wasn’t something short of art and people wanted to see more of it.

Fortunately for the Quantic Dream fans out there, there will actually be the chance to see some more of those animated shorts soon. Guillaume de Fondaumière, co-CEO of the studio alongside David Cage, tweeted this today.

For those logical enough to vote for this week, then congratulations, these four shorts will be released sometime this week though a date hasn’t been confirmed. Another thing that hasn’t been confirmed is whether the shorts will be related to Detroit Become Human, or whether they are other tech demos that have been made before the game itself.

On one hand, if the shorts are related to the studio’s upcoming game, then it gives players the potential chance of knowing more about the characters they are going to play. Yet if the shorts aren’t related to Detroit Become Human, does this mean that we can expect them to tease future games from the studio? We can’t know for certain.

What we do know is that Detroit Become Human releases this week and we’re eager to know if you’re going to be picking it up or not.