Destiny 2 Brings Back Fan Favorite Crucible Map for Iron Banner

Tomorrow it’s the 22nd of May. A day that marks the first Iron Banner event of season three in Destiny 2: Warmind. It’s easy to see why Destiny fans are excited for the weeklong PvP event, and Bungie seem to be aware of it too. Only last Friday did they tweet this lovely little teaser of a fan favorite Crucible map from Destiny: Bannerfall.

Bannerfall was added in the Taken King expansion where it takes players to an empty tower of the Last City. This location is remarkably similar to the main social spaces in both the original Destiny and Destiny 2, boasting the same look right down to the tiny gardens that you can run through. However, this version of Bannerfall does come with a few changes thanks to the war with the Red Legion, as shown in the Destiny 2 campaign.

This new map will be returning with the return of this season’s Iron Banner. Yet, unlike previous Iron Banners in Destiny 2, this week’s event will offer players six-on-six gameplay with the Control game mode. This change will no doubt bring fond memories to Destiny players that enjoyed the event in the original game.

What’s more, like in all new seasons of the game, players will be able to obtain brand new looks for their Iron Banner gear. To do so all they’ll need to do is participate in the event for the rest of season three, doesn’t sound so hard, does it? To see the new gear for yourselves, have a quick look over at Bungie’s blog post here.

Destiny 2’s first Iron Banner season three event will be going live at 10 a.m. PT tomorrow. Make sure not to miss it.