Fortnite Players Tend to Be Younger Than PUBG Players, According to Statistics

Fortnite and PUBG are currently two of the biggest games on the planet. and they’re both battle royale games. Have you ever wondered what makes them different? Recent statistics reveal a profile of battle royale gamers and it seems that both games appeal to different demographics. The research covered over 60,000 respondents across 28 different countries from five regions of the globe.

According to the latest statistics from market intelligence firm Newzoo, a total of 40 percent of battle royale gamers play both Fortnite and PUBG. However, 35 percent of players exclusively play Fortnite compared to about 25 percent for PUBG. 68 percent of younger gamers, specifically those between the age of 10 to 30 years, play Fortnite while a lesser amount of 60 percent of the same demographic applies for PUBG.

Fortnite PUBG Statistics: Age Demographic

Fortnite boasts a higher amount of students within its ranks at 19 percent compared to PUBG‘s 12 percent. In contrast, more PUBG players tend to be full-time employees at 65 percent compared to Fortnite‘s 50 percent. The reason behind these results could be chalked to Fortnite being free-to-play, thus why students and children could afford to play the game at no cost.

Fortnite PUBG Statistics: Casual Versus Hardcore

It also looks like PUBG players could be considered more “hardcore” gamers in comparison to Fortnite‘s more casual gamers. More PUBG players identify themselves as such and they are more likely to stream themselves while playing. Two-thirds of PUBG players visit online gaming community websites weekly while slightly more than half of Fortnite players do the same.

In other related news, PUBG was the most downloaded mobile game in the first quarter of 2018. Strangely, this did not make it the most profitable. That honor went to another Tencent game, Honor of Kings. Mobile gaming is also on the rise, as it is projected to dominate half of the games industry in 2018. The mobile versions of both Fortnite and PUBG play a huge role in making such a feat possible.