New Spider-Man PS4 Footage Debuts on LA Billboard

New Spider-Man PS4 footage has debuted on a billboard in LA, with it also seemingly featuring the upcoming game’s new theme. With touches of the classic ’60s Spider-Man theme sprinkled in it, the new full-motion ad shows off some brand new clips from the upcoming superhero game.

Spider-Man PS4 is one of the biggest releases of the year, with Insomniac Games’ take on the web-slinger set to launch exclusively on Sony’s console. As such, Sony is putting a lot of marketing weight behind the game, with it previously closing out the company’s press conference back in E3 2017 and it now receiving a major showcase on a busy LA street.

The clip shown in the ad features Spider-Man slinging between skyscrapers and running across moving vehicles. However, the real highlight is this brand new theme, which is presumably going to be used in the game’s soundtrack.

Check out the billboard ad below:

The Spider-Man PS4 release date is set for September 7, 2018, with it looking set to cap off a tremendous year for Sony’s console. With the likes of God of War and the recently released Detroit Become Human (you can read our review for that right here), PS4 owners have had a ton of great games to enjoy in 2018, with that number only set to rise in the future.

In a recent Sony event, the company’s CEO John Kodera explained how it will soon “crouch down” with the PS4 until 2021, with it seemingly having the PS5 in mind. In another intriguing piece of information, Kodera also noted how Sony hadn’t given up on PlayStation portable gaming, suggesting that there will be life beyond the PS Vita. With the PS4 in as good a shape as it ever has been, a new blockbuster Spider-Man game couldn’t launch on the console at a better time.