Devil May Cry E3 Reveal Teased by Actor

Oh actors, don’t you just love them? Only yesterday did Mads Mikkelsen tease some interesting tidbits about Death Stranding, but today a Devil May Cry E3 reveal has been teased by voice actor Daniel Southworth. Southworth is best known for voicing Dante’s twin brother, Vergil, a character who can be a real pain in the neck to fight against.

The tease itself is rather innocent and is mostly fuelled by an innocuous-looking tag that Southworth used on a social media post. The caption on the Facebook post reads Throwback Thursday, which may cause naysayers to think that Southworth is just hinting at past events, but the tags after it speak of a potential Devil May Cry 5 E3 reveal. Take a look for yourself at the picture (via ResetEra) below.

Devil May Cry E3


It may be nothing though, considering the number of leaks that have been continuously revealed throughout the internet, that tag may, in fact, include more knowledge behind it than we think. It’s also important to remember that the leaks that have been discovered do point at a Vergil-driven narrative for the next Devil May Cry, so a reveal at E3 may not seem so far-fetched after all.

One significant leak was found out during November last year, a leak that boasted PS4 exclusivity as well as the return of the old Dante that some missed during Devil May Cry 4. The leak also suggests that there will a be a return from some old friends, such as Nero, Vergil, Dante of course and interestingly enough, Trish.

But what makes the leak even more fascinating is how it mentions E3 2018 directly. It states that team working on Devil May Cry 5 had a trailer ready and it was initially going to be shown at the PlayStation Experience in December. But after the negative feedback Sony received from their E3 2017 showcase, they instead agreed to push it back to E3 2018.

Until then we can only wait and see what E3 2018 holds for Devil May Cry fans.