Black Ops 4 PC Version Detailed by Treyarch

During the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal event last week, developer Treyarch said they would not be handling the PC version by themselves. Instead, developer Beenox is helping them take on the Black Ops 4 PC port. In a recent blog post, Treyarch detailed some of the upcoming perks PC players can look forward to.

Some of the feature promised in the blog post were covered in the PC trailer shown at the reveal event. Black Ops 4 on PC will support an uncapped framerate, extra wide monitors, 4K support, HDR, a different UI, and dedicated servers. Treyarch also said that they are testing the game on a wide array of setups to “make sure the largest number of people can play and enjoy Black Ops 4.”

Treyarch went more into detail about their partnership with Blizzard and putting Black Ops 4 on Joining the service will allow players to talk between other titles from Overwatch to Destiny 2. Also, as Senior Producer at Treyarch Jonathan Moses pointed out, they’ll also have access to Blizzard’s excellent online security.

“We’re getting access to their security experts and team, so players can expect best-in-class security and stability from the start,” stated Moses.

But Beenox is more directly involved with the Black Ops 4 PC port. They’re working full-time on the PC version which allowed them to add small features like customizable controls per hero along with the bigger, previously mentioned features. Moses went on to express how having a focused team will improve the end product.

“They’ve enabled us to scale up the number of developers focused on PC,” said Moses, “and that will come through in how smooth and polished the game is shaping up to be.”

Treyarch’s optimistic words are going to be heavily scrutinized by fans if things don’t go smoothly. Blacks Ops 3‘s PC version had a whole host of issues, which is probably the reason they’ve gone the extra mile in trying to assure Black Ops 4 PC players that they’ll be satisfied. Locking one team to one version sounds like a good step but we won’t know for sure how it will turn out until the game launches on October 12th.