Death Stranding Setting May Be in Iceland

Death Stranding has been on everyone’s minds since the moment Hideo Kojima showed off the first trailer back at E3 2016. It’s gone through analysis after analysis, with individuals asking the most important questions. Like, why is Norman Reedus crying with a baby in his arms, is Mads Mikkelsen’s character a baddie and what has Guillermo Del Toro got to do with all this? The next question, however, is about the Death Stranding setting.

Kojima loves to leave little teases and trails for us all to follow, and considering the teases from Mikkelsen and Reedus, we’re beginning to think he isn’t the only one. While Mikkelsen has already teased about player collaboration a few days ago, Kojima also made a tweet that remained fairly inconspicuous for a long while. After all, it was just a picture of some moss and an E3 hashtag, surely it was nothing?

Twitter user Rafael Andrade begged to differ. In a tweet of his own, Andrade compared the moss that is believed to be in the next Death Stranding trailer at E3 to moss from lava fields in Iceland. Have a look at the comparison for yourselves to see if Andrade may be onto something or not.

They do look familiar, but is this enough evidence for the Death Stranding setting to officially be confirmed as Iceland? Sadly we won’t know the answer of this for a while or, if we wish really hard, when it the setting is finally revealed at E3 this year. This may just be wishful thinking on our part, but unfortunately until we get concrete evidence, all we can do is hope for more answers than questions from Kojima this E3.