Pokemon Switch Amazon Page Removed to Potentially Make Way for Pre-orders

The Pokemon Switch Amazon page has been removed from the German version of the site, with it looking like the online retailer is preparing for official details to be released by Nintendo. The Pokemon Switch RPG has been the subject of plenty of rumors this month, with it having been suggested that Nintendo will make a new announcement within the next few days. This latest change to the game’s Amazon page indicates that this could be the case.

The removal of the Pokemon Switch Amazon page was spotted by Twitter user Pixelpar, an account that has previously posted alleged info regarding Game Freak’s upcoming Nintendo Switch release. Pixelpar noted that Amazon could be “prepping for the actual SKU preorders going live,” meaning that an announcement could be imminent.

Plenty of rumored Pokemon Switch information has been popping up recently. Emily Rodgers, a journalist with a history of posting insider information pertaining to Nintendo, recently claimed on the ResetEra forum that the “odds of Pokemon (Switch) missing the holidays are slim-to-none.” If correct, this would mean that Pokemon Switch will make its way to the console in 2018.

Alongside Rodgers’ comments, a previous alleged leak of the game suggested that it would focus on Pikachu and Eevee and that it could potentially carry the title Pokemon Let’s GO! This would suggest that it shares some affiliation with Niantic Labs’ Pokemon GO.

Popular Pokemon site Serebii.net also shared some news from Japan, where it was claimed that the variety show Oha Suta would share some “shocking Pokemon news” on May 31st. The announcement claimed that it would be “a moment a new story begins,” though no other information was offered.

None of this information has been confirmed, though with plenty of hints that a new Pokemon reveal is on its way, fans of the series will want to keep their eyes peeled over the course of the next week.