Detroit Become Human Beats Both State of Decay 2 and Dark Souls Remastered in the UK

God of War has finally fallen after five consecutive weeks at number one, as several major titles finally made their debut in the past week. The latest PS4 exclusive Detroit Become Human has claimed the number one spot, while Xbox One exclusive State of Decay 2 had to settle for second place. Meanwhile, multiplatform release Dark Souls Remastered managed to grab third place.

Detroit Become Human at Number One: First Place

According to the latest Ukie Game Charts, Detroit Become Human is the tenth different PS4 exclusive to debut at first place since the beginning of 2018. That’s an impressive record for Sony and PlayStation, considering that we’re barely halfway through 2018 at this point. The sales of Quantic Dream’s latest title is almost on par with 2013’s Beyond Two Souls. However, both games fail to match the success enjoyed by 2010’s Heavy Rain, which sold four times better than Detroit Become Human. We gave David Cage’s latest effort a rating of 4 out of 5 in our review.

Detroit Become Human at Number One: Second And Third Place

State of Decay 2 grabbed second place by a very close margin. It sold about four thousand copies less than Detroit Become Human. The Microsoft exclusive also reportedly had an impressive one million players within its first week of release. Dark Souls Remastered debuted at third place, with only the PS4, Xbox One and PC version released so far. The Nintendo Switch version has yet to receive an official release date since it was originally delayed earlier in April.

Surprisingly, fourth place went to FIFA 18. It actually dropped from its second place position last week. God of War fell to number five even though sales remain exceptionally strong five weeks after release. Hyrule Warriors, which debuted at third place last week, stumbled down to number seventeen after dropping a whopping 62 percent in sales. The remaining titles in the top ten include Far Cry 5, Overwatch: Game of The Year Edition, Destiny 2, Fallout 4 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.