The Crew 2 Beta Announced for this Weekend

Following its delay out of March 2018 and into June 29th, Ubisoft is allowing players to try The Crew 2 before its release through a closed beta. The publisher announced that they are running The Crew 2 beta from May 31st at 1 AM PST to June 4th at 1 AM PST. Xbox One, PC (Uplay), and PS4 players can all sign up for a chance to get access.

The beta’s signup page on The Crew 2‘s official website runs down a list of frequently asked questions. All systems require a constant internet connection and will need a decent amount of hard drive space for the beta since the download is about 30 gigs. Players can stream the beta and will be given the ability to invite up to three friends to join them. It’ll even have the photo and video editing tools from the full game included.

Ubisoft also detailed what will be in the beta. The entire world will be available to drive or fly around in and players will also be able to “discover the first four disciplines of the title: Street Racing, Powerboat, Rally Raid, and Aerobatics.” Each of these is a style of racing. Street Racing focuses, well, racing on the street as much as the Powerboat challenges feature racing on water. Rally Raid events are the off-road races and Aerobatics is about flipping around and flying in a plane. The game doesn’t force you down any one of these disciplines, which our preview goes into detail on.

Those who play the closed beta will be rewarded with an exclusive leather jacket for their avatar in the final game. But sadly, neither your progression nor your character will carry over. Players will have to start over when the game releases.

The Crew 2 beta is playable without PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions but co-op and other crew features require a membership to your platform’s online service. However, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro will both feature unspecified enhancements.