The Division 2 sale puts the game at a deep discount before E3

The Division 2 sale may have started as a part of Ubisoft’s pre-E3 sale on the PC but it has now spread to consoles. Starting today and ending on June 24, the standard edition of The Division 2 will be 40% off, leaving it at around $36 on PS4 and Xbox One. One PC, it is still 33% off. It also appears that this only applies to the base version of the game as the deluxe editions are not also on sale.

This sale is starting before E3 and ending well after it, which may not be a coincidence. Given Ubisoft’s repeated support for the game, it suggests that the publisher has some plans for the game at the big show along with its litany of other titles. An exciting batch of announcements goes well with a deep discount.

Lower than expected console sales may also have a bit to do with it. Despite selling 10 times the amount on its Uplay Store over the Epic Games Store, the game still missed it sales target. Ubisoft attributes this to “a more competitive market than expected” on the console marketplaces.

This statement is a bit peculiar since it did face stiff competition from games like Sekiro and Devil May Cry 5, it both reviewed relatively well and was the best-selling game of March. Its launch month sales were even the sixth highest in Ubisoft’s history. And, as of the last NPD, it is still the third best-selling game of the year behind Kingdom Hearts 3 and Mortal Kombat 11.

Regardless, Ubisoft has still been adding to the game and keeping it in the news. Google announced that the game will be come to its upcoming Stadia streaming service. Ubisoft also recently added eight-player raids to the game. The game still has plenty more planned content coming, which Ubisoft has already laid out.