The Division 2 roadmap for Year 1 details new content and monetization plans

The Division 2 just got a roadmap for its first year of live service. Ubisoft announced details on new content, specializations, the Year 1 pass, and how the game will handle monetization. The Division 2 roadmap puts a lot of content on the horizon for Ubisoft’s third-person looter shooter.

Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment released the update roadmap and Year 1 content information today. All game content coming to The Division 2 will be free (as we explained in our recent preview), ensuring that all players can experience the same content. Players who purchase the Gold or Ultimate edition of the game automatically receive the Year 1 pass, which will also be available as a standalone purchase. The Year 1 pass nets players early access to the game’s post-launch story episodes, new assignments, specializations, and cosmetics.

The division 2 roadmap

Three story episodes will be released in the first year of live service for The Division 2. The first episode, D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions sends players to the areas surrounding Washington to hunt down elite members of rogue factions. Pentagon: The Last Castle has players unveiling the secrets within one of America’s most iconic buildings. The third episode is unnamed but will “conclude Year 1 of The Division 2 and pave the way for more thrilling content.” A new eight-person raid is also slated to come within a year of the game’s launch.

Post-launch monetization focuses on the Year 1 pass and an in-game Apparel Store. Purchasable items are optional and cosmetic in nature. No weapons, crafting material, or gear will be available for purchase that affect gameplay. Players will be able to directly purchase cosmetic items using premium currency. Apparel Caches will be available after launch and sound like typical loot boxes. Caches can be earned through gameplay including some limited time events.

Year 1 pass holders will receive early access to some gameplay content, but all content and specializations will be available to all players. The Division 2 has several specializations — high-level character classes that come with unique abilities — that will be available to Year 1 pass holders earlier than others.

The Division 2 launches on March 15 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. An open beta is slated for this weekend, starting on March 1.