The Division 2 Uplay sales are higher than on Epic Games Store

A report has come out from Ubisoft stating that The Division 2 Uplay sales have eclipsed sales of the game over on the Epic Games Store. It seems that not releasing The Division 2 on Steam did not drive players to buy it on Epic’s storefront.

Epic Games has been obtaining a number of exclusives for its nascent store in an effort to attract gamers. Ubisoft however runs its own service, so players still have the option to buy directly from the company. It seems then that a number of players are choosing to take the latter option, buying The Division 2 on Uplay instead of going through the Epic Games Store. is reporting that The Division 2 sold ten times more on Ubisoft’s own service than it did on the Epic Games Store. As Ubisoft doesn’t have to give Epic a 12 percent cut of the sales, this can be seen as a good thing for the studio.

While direct sales do mean more money for Ubisoft, The Division 2 has still actually missed its sales targets. Ubisoft states that this has more to do with the game’s console sales. Chief financial officer Frederick Duguet specifically mentioned that the game came out to “a more competitive market than expected.” The Division 2 did launch in between Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Devil May Cry 5, two heavy hitters for the month of March.

Despite this however, Duguet remains optimistic for the game as he expects it to “grow and gain traction” over the coming months. Additionally, despite The Division 2 missing its targets, Ubisoft still reported record sales for the the fiscal year which ended in March 31. While the company did have to delay its upcoming Skull and Bones, it’s still expecting “strong growth” and is planning four more AAA games (including the recently announced Ghost Recon: Breakpoint) for the future.