The Surge 2 closed beta for PC announced, limited to 50 players

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 Interactive have announced that The Surge 2 is getting a closed beta. The Surge 2 closed beta will be open to a very limited number players on PC.

In a message on the closed beta’s application form, the development team states that the game is now at a stage where they feel they need player feedback. However, despite this, they’re limiting the number of testers to only 50.

The companies haven’t stated why the number of beta slots is limited. That said, this limit does hint that the game may not be in a state where it’s ready for a much wider release.

PC gaming fans should be happy to hear that the closed beta for The Surge 2 is coming to PC only. These days, console exclusive betas have become much more commonplace. Within The Surge 2‘s genre alone, players can count the open beta for Code Vein as well as the closed alpha for Nioh 2.

Released in May of 2017, The Surge took the formula of From Software’s Dark Souls games, and applied them to a dystopian sci-fi setting. The game adds to Dark Souls’ stamina fueled combat formula by giving players the ability to target specific parts of enemies.

The game itself was Deck13’s second attempt as a Souls-like game. Their previous attempt, Lords of the Fallen stuck much closer to From Software’s games in its setting. Deck13, however, is not working on the sequel to that game. Defiant Studios was originally supposed to work on Lords of the Fallen 2, however publisher CI Games has since dropped them.

With the announcement of a closed beta, The Surge 2 seems to be in a much better place than Lords of the Fallen 2. Hopefully, this means that the developers get to reveal more information and media about the game by the time the closed beta goes live.