Intellivision to Release New Family-Orientated Video Game Console

Remember the times of B-17 Bomber, Diner and Donkey Kong Jr? These games were some of the best that you could play on the Intellivision console and are still fondly remembered by fans everywhere. So, why not bring something back that was so well-loved before?

Today it was announced that the Intellivision, a system that was around during the Atari era back in the 1980’s, is making a comeback. What’s more, it’s all thanks to Tommy Tallarico. Tallarico is a video game music composer, who is also a part of the Video Games Live symphonic tour, who’s set his sights on bringing a new console into the family home that celebrates Intellivision’s legacy.

Tallarico picked up the rights to Intellivision from the estate of Keith Robinson following his passing months ago. It was apparently quite the fit, particularly due to Tallarico being a big fan of the system.

“I grew up playing Intellivision with my parents and younger brother,” Tallarico said in a press release. “It was always my favorite system because the games were cutting edge, yet fun and simple to play so our entire family could enjoy them together. I find those important elements to generally be lacking from our industry with the current modern gaming consoles.”

He further goes to state that he plans to “change that” way of playing with this new console, paving the way of allowing gamers and non-gamers of all playing ability and age groups to come together and have fun.

But Tallarico doesn’t plan to work towards his vision alone. As shown in the press release, Tallarico has called upon members of the original Intellivision team, such as “Intellivision Entertainment Chairman Steve Roney, Intellivision Entertainment Vice President of Technology Bill Fisher and many more” in order to help him achieve his goal.

There has been no release date for this newest console, however, Tallarico has noted that there will be more information to come on October 1st and urges people to keep up-to-date by signing up to the Intellivision website. The first 100,000 who do so then get the opportunity to pre-order the special and unique Limited Edition of the console once pre-orders go live.

For those who just can’t wait and need answers as soon as possible, A special Facebook Live session with Tallarico is set to begin at 12 PM PDT on May 31st. Got any pressing questions? Now’s the time to air them.

Image Source: Evan-Amos / Wikimedia Commons