Pokemon Let’s Go Was Actually Revealed on April Fool’s Day But Everyone Thought it Was a Troll

Pokemon Let’s Go has now been officially revealed by Game Freak, with the game set to bring the RPG series to the Nintendo Switch for the first time ever. However, a full and completely accurate rundown of the game was actually made on 4chan on April 1st, 2018, before promptly being written off as a troll post considering the date. Yes, Pokemon Let’s Go was outed by a 4chan user on April Fool’s Day, and while some were convinced by the anonymous user’s claims, many more were understandably cautious of their detailed rundown regarding what Game Freak had up its sleeve.

The poster noted how the game would come in two different versions, Pikachu and Eevee, and how they would both be Pokemon Yellow remakes. They also noted that it would have Pokemon Go integration and that Pokemon catching would be similar to the mobile game. They even revealed that the game would launch with an “accessory [that] can be used with both Go and [Pokemon Let’s Go],” which we now know as the Pokeball Plus.

The full leak, which was reshared by Nibel on Twitter, can be viewed below:

Pokemon Let’s Go had been the subject of rumors for a while, with the game’s title having been dropped on Twitter earlier this month. However, it seems that this anonymous 4chan user was privy to information way ahead of schedule, with the details they shared on the controversial image board having now been proven completely accurate.

This isn’t the first time that legitimate leaks have popped up on 4chan, with the anonymous nature of the site having seen insiders use it in the past to share their information. However, no one was quite expecting that this April Fool’s Day post would be proven correct, making the individual behind this post an expert level troll. Kudos, anon.