Rumors Indicate Fallout 76 Will Be an Online Survival RPG

Here at Game Revolution it’s been non-stop talking about Fallout, which fits pretty well because it seems as if all of the world has caught the same bug too. To be fair, there’s a lot of things to discuss. One of the main question on everyone’s lips being this: is Fallout 76 an online game or a single-player narrative with RPG elements like always?

Well, there’s nothing saying the game can’t be both and according to sources that have spoken to Kotaku, an online survival RPG is what has been used to best sum up the newest Fallout game. It isn’t the first time Bethesda has turned to playing online to mix up their franchises, just look at Elder Scrolls Online. However, it is the first time they would be doing so for Fallout.

As reported by Kotaku’s anonymous sources, “Fallout 76 is an experimental new entry” that was originally prototyped as Fallout 4 but with multiplayer. The goal was to envision what an online version of Fallout would look like, though the sources indicate that Fallout 76 has evolved, like most online games do, quite a bit from its humble beginnings.

For example, the game will have quests and a story, like any other Bethesda game, as well as base-building and other survival-based and multiplayer mechanics. Base-building was first introduced to Fallout back in 2015 with Fallout 4, so we’re curious to see how Bethesda has managed to expand on this if the feature is included in the game when it officially debuts.

If you’ve not yet seen the teaser trailer then one, what are you doing here and two, check it out below, we guess?