the last friend announced for switch

BIG Festival Nominee The Last Friend Coming to Switch

Tower defence beat ’em up hybrid The Last Friend, an indie game about saving the last puppies on the planet, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This news comes after the game was nominated for the Best Latin American Game award by Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival. It’s making history as the first Salvadoran game to be nominated for an international contest.

The Last Friend looks like a visually-striking fusion of Plants vs. Zombies and Streets of Rage. You assume the role of a man who owns a mobile shelter, defending his doggies against canine-hungry mutants in a world in the aftermath of a chemical war. You have to balance beat ’em up fighting with traditional tower defence mechanics in order to defend your mobile dog shelter against wave upon wave of mutant. Developer Stonebot Studio has called this “a multi-tasking experience that merges strategy and action for all those dog-lover players out there!”

To coincide with the Switch release, Stonebot Studio also released the first official trailer for the game. The art style of The Last Friend is bold, vibrant, and heavily-stylised. The low-frame animation adds a weighty look to every punch, kick, and grab. The dogs look odd and adorable but don’t just serve as aesthetic incentive to succeed. Each dog will have a unique trait that it’ll share with the player character, with these traits being equipped as perks that can improve certain skills and modify fighting styles.

Stonebot Studio seems incredibly excited and grateful for all the success that they’ve seen this year so far. With the BIG Festival awards ceremony taking place in a month’s time on June 28, they may see even greater success just around the corner. You’ll be able to get your hands on The Last Friend on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC next year.

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