Call of Duty WW2 Attack of the Undead Event Is Live

Zombies are never going to go away, are they? And we couldn’t possibly be happier to hear it. Today zombies have broken out of the Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies survival mode, stumbling and staggering their way into competitive multiplayer in the latest event: Call of Duty WW2 Attack of the Undead.

In this new zombie event, players will be introduced to three new multiplayer modes that all involve zombies.  One of these modes, Hordepoint, will have AI-controlled zombies. These zombies behave as they do in the Nazi Zombies mode, so both teams will have to focus on making sure the zombies don’t devour them, while also battling each other and completing objectives.

The other mode, Infected, will have zombies that are exclusively controlled by players. Playing as a zombie, meaning you can eat your enemies no matter what? Consider us so very, very excited.

The modes, and what you have to do in them, are summed up perfectly below.

  • Infected – As each player falls, they are turned into one of the undead, and the winner is whoever survives the onslaught of their recently-turned allies the longest. This was released yesterday on the 29th of May. Get chomping!
  • Hordepoint – Capture points randomly spawn around the map, and teams must hold them while fending off the enemy team and the undead alike. This mode will release on June 5th.
  • Relic of the Undead – This mode has players pick up and hold a cursed relic for as long as possible to earn their team points. This mode will release on June 12th.

These three modes will be available to play on a variety of select multiplayer maps, including the new, limited-time map, Groesten Haus. However, Sledgehammer Games wouldn’t want you to face these new enemies vulnerable, and so a new cache of free weapons have been dropped into the game. The cache includes the Type 2 submachine gun, the Blunderbuss shotgun, the Claymore melee weapon, and a whole lot more.

All of this content and more can be checked out in the Call of Duty WW2: Attack of the Undead Event trailer below.