Fallout 76 Bethesda Stream Watched by 2 Million Unique Viewers

Bethesda shocked the world yesterday when it officially revealed that the next installment in the Fallout franchise would be the mysterious Fallout 76. It wasn’t exactly what fans were anticipating, with some wishing for a something similar to Fallout: New Vegas or a direct sequel to Fallout 4. However, the Bethesda live stream still managed to garner a whopping 2 million unique viewers over the course of 24 hours.

Fallout 76 Bethesda: 2 Million In 24 Hours

The Verge reported that Bethesda game director Todd Howard appeared after the live stream ended and revealed the number of viewers. He said: “We have had over 2 million unique visitors to this stream to watch, I don’t know what, nothing.” More than 100,000 people were tuning in at any one time throughout the duration of the 24-hour live stream.

That’s an impressive number of viewers for a live stream which was uneventful for most of its 24 hours, with only “Please Stand By” text onscreen. That shows how much hype and excitement Bethesda could generate just by teasing a new game. If a Fallout game could receive that much attention, who knows how big of an audience would gather over an Elder Scrolls teaser.

Details are sparse for Fallout 76 as of right now, with Bethesda promising that it will reveal more at E3 2018. What we do know about this game is that it is a brand-new entry in the Fallout franchise. We reported yesterday that sources have purportedly revealed the true nature of the game to Kotaku. According to them, Fallout 76 is an online survival RPG game, which is a clear departure from the single-player nature of past titles.

If that’s true, the game would probably be similar to The Elder Scrolls Online. Kotaku’s sources also revealed that “Fallout 76 is an experimental new entry.” It was initially developed as a multiplayer-focused title, which might have turned out to be a Fallout Online of sorts. All of this remains as speculation and we will have to wait until E3 2018, where Bethesda will be presenting more information and details about the game. In the meantime, you can rewatch the teaser trailer for Fallout 76 below.