Destiny 2 Players Wasted Hours Grinding for a Glitched Reward

Destiny 2 has always been the type of game where grinding is the way to go to get the gear that you want. It isn’t alone either, many FPS shooters do the same. However, the latest Nightfall strike offered the D.F.A. as a reward, a hand cannon that can be described as nothing but excellent. Yet, this reward? It seems like it’s vanished into thin air. Destiny 2 players felt as though the gun doesn’t exist at all.

Well, we’re right: the gun doesn’t exist. At least, not right now. Bungie has stated that the rewards were bugged, thus weren’t dropping like they were meant to be, no matter how many hours you spent grinding for that sweet, sweet loot.

Bungie Support confirmed that there was a glitch on Twitter, which you can see below.

It is perhaps an understatement to say that there were more than a few individuals feeling pretty angry at Bungie, with some very angry fans having more than a few things to say about the amount of time they felt they had wasted grinding for the newest gear.

Bungie didn’t answer, but we can’t help but wish we were a fly on the wall back in their office to see how they are going to tackle this issue. One way would be to just gift players the gear, but we doubt it would be a very popular decision as it would throw a lot of players off-balance.

We can only wait and see what Bungie’s answer to this problem will be.