Wizard of Legend Makes 300k Sales in First Month

Magical combat dungeon crawler Wizard of Legend has hit 300,000 sales across all platforms in its first month of release. The Contingent99 game released on May 15, so it’s had an incredibly successful 16 days. With very positive reviews on Steam plenty of critical praise, it’s no surprise why.

Wizard of Legend is a fast-paced, rogue-lite dungeon crawling indie game where you, a wizard, enter the Chaos Trials, a gauntlet of magical challenges hosted by the Council of Magic in the Kingdom of Lanova. You make your way through challenges, defeating powerful enemies and collecting new relics and spells to build up your arsenal and customise your playstyle. You can also chain these spells for devastating combo attacks, which bears resemblance to the classic Magicka.

While Contingent99 dealt with the Steam release, Humble was in charge of publishing the game on consoles, and they couldn’t be happier. “I am beyond excited to see players worldwide embrace Wizard of Legend‘s unique magic melee, busting out fierce and fresh combos every playthrough with over 100 unique spells and items to try,” said Publishing head John Polson. “Wizard of Legend is a proud addition to the growing family Presented by Humble Bundle, including A Hat in Time, Staxel, and more. I can’t wait to bring even more surprises to everyone in the coming months!”

Wizard of Legend is a Kickstarter success story, and later this year Contingent99 will be following up on a promise made in the campaign to introduce a whole new chapter for single and two-player modes later this year, alongside new arenas for the versus mode. There are also plans to expand the game with free DLC and continued updates to meet the overwhelmingly positive response to the game.

If you fancy some spell-slinging, dungeon-crawling action, you can pick up Wizard of Legend on Steam, GOG, Humble, Switch, Xbox One and PS4.