Fortnite Switch and More in Potential Nintendo E3 Leak

It looks like there’s been a leak of what to expect from the Nintendo E3 2018 conference that includes Fortnite Switch and a few more games. An image that surfaced on Twitter appears to be an invoice for banners that Nintendo needs printed for the show, and it includes other titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Paladins and Mario Tennis Aces.

Twitter user Nibellion, who is known to have shared leaked images in the past that have ended up proven true, tweeted an image just under two hours ago. It appears to be an invoice from a printing company featuring games on Nintendo-branded banners, the same that Nintendo displays above playable games at events. The games are as follows: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Fortnite, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, FIFA 19, Killer Queen Black, Starlink Battle for Atlas, Paladins, Overcooked 2, and Mario Tennis Aces.

fortnite switch nintendo e3 leak image 002

Lending credibility to the leak, the official Twitter account for Killer Queen Arcade earlier this month on May 4 turned their profile and cover photos completely black. It’s then an easy assumption to make that Killer Queen Black is a game that’ll be happening, and its presence on this invoice bolsters the credibility of the other games featured. With Fortnite Switch being discussed an awful lot as a likely possibility by fans and press, seeing it in this line-up is unsurprising, but all the while exciting.

fortnite switch nintendo e3 leak image 001

Fortnite Switch will not surprise many, but an unexpected entry is Paladins. While the Hi-Rez Studios hero shooter is pretty popular and finally saw its official release on May 8 after being in beta since September 2016, with discussion of the game coming to Switch being all but nil, this leak will likely catch a lot of people off-guard. What do you think about the credibility of this leak? And if you believe it, what are you most excited about coming to the Switch? Let us know on Twitter, or over at the Game Revolution forums.