God of War Might Break Record for Fastest Game to Reach 1 Billion Views on YouTube

More than a month after release, the God of War hype train isn’t stopping anytime soon. Sony Santa Monica’s PS4 exclusive has broken many records that it’s a testament to singleplayer games and how it’s still thriving in a world dominated by online multiplayer games like Fortnite and PUBG. Recent statistics have revealed that Kratos’s latest adventure is also on its way to breaking yet another record, and this time it’s on YouTube.

According to statistics provided by MatchMade, God of War is now the third largest game on YouTube, with its viewership increasing 1402 percent from March to April. It’s the only singleplayer game on the list of most viewed games on YouTube in terms of total views at the end of April 2018.

God of War 1 Billion Views: What about Fortnite and Minecraft?

The current total viewership for God of War in April 2018 is 728 million views. That may seem small fry compared to Fortnite‘s 5.09 billion and Minecraft‘s 2.39 billion views but it has an advantage over both of those games. If the game is able to maintain its current level of popularity, the game might soon break the record of the fastest game to reach 1 billion views in the history of YouTube.

That means the God of War will have to reach 1 billion views by the end of June or July if it wants to break the record currently held by Fortnite. The battle royale game managed to reach 1 billion views in just five months after its release. Fortnite surged in popularity after it released its massively popular Battle Royale mode, which allowed it to end Minecraft‘s reign at the top of the list in March 2018.

There are many reasons why God of War is doing so well on YouTube despite being a singleplayer game. It received a lot of stellar and even perfect reviews from critics and gamers alike. It is the fastest-selling game PS4 exclusive ever. If that’s not enough, it also had the largest console exclusive digital launch of all time, selling 2.1 million units on launch day alone.