God of War Becomes Fastest-Selling PS4 Exclusive Ever

We knew God of War would break bones – but we didn’t expect for it break all sorts of records too. Fresh from slaying the rest of his own series sales-wise in the UK, Kratos has achieved the unthinkable: toppled every other game to becoming the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive yet.

According to stats released on the PlayStation blog, God of War reached 3.1 million sales upon its first three days of release.

Those numbers are even more staggering when put up against its peers. Analyst Daniel Ahmad crunched the numbers and stacked God of War’s three-day sales up against the competition – and the results are seriously impressive.


Uncharted 4, no slouch in its own right, took a week to sell 2.7 million units; Horizon Zero Dawn two weeks to shift 2.6 million copies; even The Last of Us – one of the finest games of a generation – is looking on course to trail behind God of War, having sold 3.4 million copies in three weeks on PS3.

While that almost certainly guarantees God of War is going to get a sequel (as if there was any ever doubt), it’s also proof enough that Sony are nailing it when it comes to their exclusives – and their player base are lapping it up in droves.

Now we’ve got a new exclusive benchmark on PlayStation, it remains to be seen whether the goalposts have shifted for other exclusives such as Detroit Become Human and Spider-Man. Will their sales numbers look puny compared to Kratos’ bulging sales numbers? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: God of War is an unprecedented success, both for Santa Monica Studios and Sony.