Destiny 2 Year 2 Content Reveal Next Week

Developer Bungie has been adding content to Destiny 2 since its launch in September 2017. The game’s second year is still shrouded in mystery but it won’t be for long. Bungie recently announced via Twitter that they’ll be revealing the Destiny 2 Year 2 content on June 5th at 9 am PST on their official Twitch channel.

The tweet does not confirm what they’ll be showing, only when and where, but it is most likely another expansion. The developer could be teasing or setting up a preamble for what they’ll show at E3. Bungie did announce during an Activision Blizzard Q&A that they’ll be showing their next expansion at E3 2018. While vague, they said that this new DLC will bring a new mode and style of play to the game and will come out this fall.

If they will be talking about the next expansion, it will be Destiny 2‘s third big DLC pack. The first one, Curse of Osiris, came out in December 2017 and took players to Mercury. Warmind, the second, released in May and took players back to Mars, which our reviewer didn’t quite care for. Bungie hasn’t hinted at where the next expansion will be, despite the loose and highly questionable rumors swirling around.

Bungie also might go over their roadmap for the game. In April 2018, the developer laid out its plans for the game up until September. Most of it is pretty vague so they could add some more details to “New Seasonal Event” and “Faction Rally Improvements.”

The Destiny 2 Year 2 content could breathe more life into the game. Players have been having issues with the title and it has been embroiled in multiple controversies for its first year. But, while not exactly in a dire situation, the game has the chance to pull itself into a better place. The Taken King, one of the expansions for the original Destiny, dramatically improved the game, bringing in more players and satisfying those who stuck with it.