Free PS4 Theme That Celebrates LGBT Pride Month 2018 Can Be Yours

It’s June 1st, which means the very first day of Pride Month. As you can guess from the title alone, this event runs all month, giving players plenty of time to find a way to celebrate in a way that suits them. Whether that be playing video games to your heart’s content as per usual, or going out with friends and family for your local Pride event. Either way, we hope you have a great month.

But we aren’t the only ones who wish you well. Sony has a little gift for those with a PS4, a gift that will let players embrace who they are and show off their pride whenever and wherever. Their gift is a free PS4 theme, aptly labeled as being ‘For All The Players’. Not much context is given in the theme’s description, with Sony calling it ‘a special theme’.

It’s a beautiful theme, the aesthetic, of course, being that of a rainbow which shoots across the theme page. It also transforms the menu icons into far more bright, colorful versions of themselves whilst keeping up with the rainbow aesthetic. But most importantly, it reminds those that have it that bottom that the theme is “for all players” that choose to use it.

The theme was first released last year for European PS4 owners but US owners weren’t so lucky. This time they have the chance to get the theme for themselves. It isn’t the first time Sony has prided itself on being a diverse company, even going as far to sponsor London’s Pride Event last July which seems like a huge gesture in comparison to this free theme.

Nonetheless, one thing can be drawn from Sony’s generosity. That they truly believe, like their theme suggests, that PlayStation is a console “for all players” no matter who you are.