Fallout New California Mod Gets Release Date

While the world seems to have their gaze set on Bethesda’s upcoming game, Fallout 76, that doesn’t mean others have forgotten one of the most ambitious mods around. A certain, huge, meaty mod known as Fallout New CaliforniaMods have always been that extra piece of cake that you just can’t help but pile onto your plate until you’re stuffed, or your computer breaks and ruins this analogy completely.

And Fallout New California is most certainly a huge piece of cake. The mod is considered as a prequel to Fallout New Vegas, which originally debuted eight years ago back in 2010 and while the game has been out for nearly ten years, that hasn’t stopped people from adding their own creations to the game. However, we would argue that Fallout New California isn’t just a mod, but another game entirely.

The mod offers up a compact campaign, and though it hasn’t been given a time on how long it will take to complete it, the fact that the mod offers up to twelve different endings will most certainly make completing a long campaign worth it for the replayability factor alone.

Nonetheless, there is one issue that may have a few individuals feeling wary about the project. It’s just that little thing called side quests. The team for Fallout New California is currently working on implementing side quests into the mod, however, as of now, the mod doesn’t have any outside of the campaign which may be a dealbreaker for some.

Yet even without side quests, it has been confirmed that there have been a massive 16,000 lines of dialogue recorded, so you certainly won’t be short of things to listen to. And of course, it would be remiss to not acknowledge the dedication of the team in creating something that has been in the pipeline for five years.

You can watch the trailer of Fallout New California below.