New Diablo Project Is in the Works, Blizzard Confirms

It’s been a while since we had any new Diablo information come our way, and no the ‘confirmation’ given by Blizzard that Diablo 3 may be making its way to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future most certainly doesn’t count. That said, the Diablo gods (also known as Blizzard Entertainment) may just have answered our prayers with the confirmation of a brand new Diablo game coming our way sooner than expected.

This information comes from an advertisement posted by Blizzard today and can be seen on their official website. It says they are looking for a Dungeon Artist for an “unannounced project” that has something to do with Diablo. The title of the job alone could lead us down many speculative roads. Is this new, unannounced project for an expansion or update, or has it been so long that there’s no way it could be anything but a new game for the series?

There was nothing included in the actual job post that pointed to any new information about what the potential new Diablo game could be about, apart from that Blizzard wanted to make it “exceptional.” Though for those who have waited for a new addition to the series for a long time now, we’re certain that they have more than a few ideas that they’d love to see.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped some individuals that, even with the prospect of a new Diablo game altogether, still just desperately want to see the game they love on the Switch. That still be a possibility, even if a seemingly slim one, or, in a twist of fate this newest addition from Blizzard could end up being the Diablo on Switch that so many people have asked for.

We’ll just have to wait and see what is in store for Diablo fans in the future, which with E3 on the way, might not be a long wait at all.