Rumor: Diablo 3 Switch Port “Confirmed” Following Blizzard Tease

It’s been a long time coming, but it finally seems Diablo 3 is making its way to Switch. The dungeon crawler, which marks a half-decade on consoles this year, has been confirmed via sources after what seems like a never-ending trail of breadcrumb teases from Blizzard.

Eurogamer’s sources believe that “the project is very much in production” though it is unknown whether Diablo 3 on Switch would come with the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions.

Blizzard recently took to Twitter to provide fans with a on-the-nose hint of a monster light being switched on and off. This led many to believe that a Diablo 3 Switch port was incoming but, as of yet, there’s been (in official channels, at least) radio silence.

Even with this latest leak, a source with “knowledge of the project” felt that the game’s reveal wasn’t for another few months. All signs would point to either E3 2018 or November’s Blizzcon, with the former probably being the more likely destination of the two, given its wider reach.

So, Diablo 3 on Switch? Hell to the yes. That game is made for pick-up-and-play-and-oops-it’s-dark-outside bursts, and the Switch version will undoubtedly be the definitive console version, should it arrive as planned.

This being Blizzard though, who knows? They’re a studio known for canning and delaying games, and it’ll seemingly be that way until the heat death of the universe. Diablo 3 always feels like one of those games that’s just on the cusp of the mainstream. What better opportunity than a Switch port to bring the loot-’em-up kicking and screaming into laps of fans around the world?

Image: Blizzard