Mega Man 11 Switch Will be Digital Only and Amiibo-less in UK

Mega Man 11 might be coming out in early October for both North America and the UK, but those European players will be be missing out on some options. Mega Man 11 Switch owners in the UK will be forced to buy the game digitally and won’t have the option of getting the new Mega Man amiibo. For contrast, North American Switch players will be able buy the Amiibo Edition with a physical cartridge and amiibo of the Blue Bomber.

Speaking with The Nintendo Channel, Nintendo confirmed the news that European and UK Switch owners will be stuck with digital copies of the game. There is also “no announcement” regarding the European release of the Mega Man amiibo. If die hard fans desperately need the physical edition, the Switch is region free. But importing would obviously drive up the cost.

The North American Amiibo Edition comes with a new Mega Man amiibo, a Dr. Wily logo patch, stickers, and a Stage Select microfiber cloth. It is only available at GameStop and will cost $59.99.

This is not the first time this has happened to the Switch. When Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 both also came to the Switch, neither saw a physical release in the Europe. Instead, both were only available digitally on the Nintendo eShop, while North America got to choose between physical and digital. Keep in mind that Resident Evil and Mega Man are both Capcom games.

Capcom told GameSpot that a physical release for the Resident Evil: Revelations games “would not be viable,” citing “overall production costs, manufacturing times, distribution, and first party regulations” as roadblocks. While Capcom has not directly said the same about Mega Man 11, it’s possible that they saw the same issues as reasons enough to not release the physical copy in the European territory.

Okami, one of Capcom’s other upcoming games, is also coming to the Switch soon but neither Europe or North America is getting a physical release. The physical limited edition is exclusive to Japan. Mega Man 11 Switch owners in both North America and Europe can at least share that loss together.