Mega Man 11 Release Date and Gameplay Details Officially Revealed

Capcom has announced the official release date for Mega Man 11. It will be the first mainline game in the Mega Man franchise to be released since 2010’s Mega Man 10. It was initially announced last year during the celebration of the Blue Bomber’s 30th anniversary. It will feature a brand new gameplay element dubbed the Double Gear System.

Mega Man 11: Brand New Gameplay Features

Capcom USA Social Media Specialist Kellen Haney revealed the news via PlayStation Blog earlier today. The basic premise will be extremely familiar to Mega Man veterans as Dr. Wily has once again created eight Robot Masters for nefarious purposes. The new Double Gear System will even up the odds for players by increasing Mega Man‘s speed, slow down time or power up his Mega Buster shots even more.

However, there’s a catch. Players can only use one of those abilities at any single time. That’s not all as overusing the Double Gear System will cause Mega Man to overheat, which disables those abilities for a cooldown period of time. Another new feature in Mega Man 11 is the addition of a weapon wheel, which allows players to equip any weapon instantly. In previous games, players had to pause the game and enter the menu in order to select weapons.

The developer also confirms that there will be several difficulty options to choose from in Mega Man 11. The first two Robot Masters revealed so far are Block Man and Fuse Man. The former can call down bricks from the sky and turn into a giant version of himself while the latter is super fast and has electricity powers.

Mega Man 11: Pre-Order Bonuses

Players can already pre-order Mega Man 11 to receive extra bonuses, which includes in-game alternate soundtrack DLC. PS4 owners who pre-order the digital version on PSN will obtain a dynamic Mega Man 30th Anniversary theme created by Truant Pixel. Mega Man 11 will arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 2nd, 2018.