Mario 64 Trick That Takes Three Days to Complete is Phenomenal

Glitches are such a pain, aren’t they? Sometimes their so damn game-breaking that you want to find the nearest developer and beg for help, or challenge them with fisticuffs. Sure, it isn’t your finest moment but you can’t deny it. However, this Mario 64 trick may be an exception to these annoying glitches, especially because it can help an invested player complete the Super Mario 64 A Button Challenge.

For those who aren’t aware of how the A Button Challenge works, the player must collect stars without ever pressing the A button, meaning that Mario can’t jump to grab those golden beauties otherwise the challenge is ruined. It sounds extremely difficult, but we suppose that’s why many players have found so many unique ways to complete the challenge, either through glitches or every working individual’s worst enemy: time.

For example, to collect a specific power star in Hazy Maze Cave the player needs to trap Mario in a certain position that allows him to build up speed without moving. That sounds all good and well, now doesn’t it? But we haven’t even mentioned the part where you have to wait for twelve hours before you can get that correct speed, allowing Mario to move up certain slopes to get that one star. Sure, you’ve got the star now – but at what cost?

However, a new glitch has been discovered. In the level of Bowser in the Fire Sea, players have uncovered a specific trick that will allow platforms to rise to a certain position so you don’t need to jump. The downside is that you have to wait a good three days for that to happen, which is great if you’ve got the patience for it and eager to pass the A Button challenge.

The glitch was discovered by the user bad_boot, who discovered the trick after playing the game on his Wii and leaving it idle for a while. He returned to see that the platform had risen above their original position in the lava, and so theorized that with waiting a certain amount of time (he at first estimated eight days) he would be able to skip the pole that’s originally needed to get through the level.

Check out the glitch for yourself in the video below.