Overwatch’s New Hero Could Be Hammond

Back when Horizon Lunar Colony debuted, the map that will either make you cry tears of anger whenever you’re placed on it in a competitive game, it was met with a cry of happiness from some fans. New maps are always a good thing, as most the time it mean’s Overwatch’s new hero could be on the way soon. It also that means there’s more than enough lore to go round and find like it’s buried gold, giving players a clue on who/what that new hero could be.

It didn’t take fans long to find something. That something was Hammond, a primate similar to Winston who had also been experimented on by the scientists of the colony. Not much was known about him, apart from only he and Winston were missing when the colony collapsed, which is more than enough reason for people to speculate on his whereabouts.

Regardless, why people are still talking about Hammond right now is all thanks to Overwatch’s latest update. While the gameplay was changed, the map Horizon Lunar Colony also got reworked as the developers have added a brand new room – Specimen 8 aka Hammond’s room. Take a look below and let your minds run wild with speculation just as ours did.

As you can see above, there’s more than a few bits of information that may help players piece together what happened with Hammond and where his whereabouts are. As you may be aware, Winston escaped on a spaceship that headed to Earth which eventually led him to join Overwatch. That’s all well and good, but look closer and you’ll see that Hammond has stuck something at the very end of the spaceship – a possible escape pod toy.

The plans besides Hammond’s toys also seem to correlate with that theory, and with the tool and footprints? There is a possibility that Hammond may have caught a ride with Winston after all. But if so, where is he now, and will we see him soon at BlizzCon 2018 as the new hero?

Only the Overwatch developers know that and they aren’t telling.