Days Gone Release Date Announced by PlayStation’s Countdown to E3 2018

PlayStation has announced the release date for Days Gone. Developed by Bend Studio, the highly-anticipated PS4 exclusive will be released on February 22nd, 2019. It’s the second of five game announcements as part of PlayStation’s Countdown to E3 2018. We’re barely halfway through the countdown and the E3 2018 hype train is already reaching ludicrous speeds.

Days Gone Release Date: New Gameplay Details

The release date trailer for Days Gone also reveals more details about the upcoming game. It introduces two new animal threats. These mountain lions/cougars and infected ravens are called Criers in the game’s world. However, players will have to face more than just wild animals and Freakers (what zombies are referred to in-game) in their journey as protagonist Deacon St. John.

An enemy human faction dubbed Rest In Peace or R.I.P. will be standing in Deacon’s way. They’re a cult that worships the Freakers. Not only that, R.I.P. members or Rippers as they call themselves, even dress as Freakers and will kill any non-Ripper human being. They play an integral role both in Days Gone‘s main story and gameplay. Since Rippers won’t kill Freakers, luring a Swarm of them into a Ripper camp will bring about entertaining results. Those Freakers will do the player’s job in clearing out the Ripper camp.

Days Gone Release Date: New Characters Introduced

Besides that, the release date trailer also introduces three important characters that players will meet in Days Gone. The first is William “Boozer” Gray, a close friend of Deacon, as they were both members of Mongrel MC. He is portrayed by actor Jim Pirri, who played Regis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy XV. William will be a vital part of Deacon’s character development.

The other two characters are Alkai Turner, an arms dealer at the Hotsprings survivor encampment, and Ada Tucker, a former prison matron who now runs the Hotsprings camp. It looks like Days Gone will be a vast game story-wise, as these are simply three of dozens of characters players will meet throughout the game.

Days Gone Release Date: More Gameplay Details

Other previously-revealed gameplay elements in Days Gone include weather patterns which will affect the traction of Deacon’s bike on the road. That means bike handling will probably be worse if there’s a storm or heavy snowfall. Players will have to worry about finite resources like gas for the bike, amongst others. We reported that Bend Studio developer Ron Allen said: “Scenarios can play out in a number of ways, depending on who and what is involved.”

Days Gone was originally slated to release sometime in 2018. It’s great that we’ve finally received a definitive release date for the game after it was reported to be delayed earlier in March. The first game to be announced as part of PlayStation’s Countdown to E3 2018 was Tetris Effect, a new game by Lumines designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi. There are three days left before the PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase, so we still have a lot to anticipate in the next few days.