Crackdown 3 Delay Confirmed by Microsoft

As was reported earlier, Microsoft has confirmed that the Crackdown 3 delay is, indeed, real. In a recent statement, the console maker said the game will now be launching in February 2019. The cited reason was to “ensure we deliver the experience [the fans] deserve.” Microsoft said that they will share more details about the game at their E3 briefing on Sunday at 1 pm PST.

Microsoft gave the statement to Windows Central earlier today. The new date will give the team over at Sumo Digital more time to polish and add extra features, according to Microsoft. While a delayed game always leads to a better experience, it puts Microsoft in a peculiar situation.

Microsoft has yet to hit some sort of consistent stride with the Xbox One and have a ubiquitous hit this year. Sea of Thieves, while seeing multiple updates, launched to lukewarm critical reception. And while said updates are good for the game, they also seem like a rush to fix the game’s myriad issues. It is reminiscent of No Man’s Sky in that regard.

State of Decay 2 has been doing relatively well, but its share of issues have stifled its from critical greatness. Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service could also be skewing the numbers a bit, given how people could use the trial to test out each game (which looked to be the case for Sea of Thieves). Crackdown 3 was meant to be Microsoft’s big game this fall that the Xbox One was hinging on.

Delaying the game was better for the game’s quality but it all looks worrisome in comparison to Sony. God of War has been selling and reviewing extremely well and has even been pushing consoles. Detroit: Become Human, while a little more divisive, has also been reviewing well. Developer Quantic Dream’s co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière has even said it has been their most successful release so far. Sony’s consistency continues with Spider-Man in September and Days Gone in February 2019.

The Crackdown 3 delay is best for the game and that should not be forgotten. It is easy to get caught up on a macro level of how each system is doing and how this all affects how a console is perceived. And while that big picture is important, the smaller picture is too. While no one knows how Crackdown 3 will turn out, it will only be a better game when given this extra time.