Wargroove Has a Dog Commander, But Is He as Good as My Dog?

Wargroove has a dog commander. This is a fantastic idea, sure, and it has made many far more interested in Chucklefish’s turn-based tactics game than they were previously. That this dog commander leads an entire dog army is also an excellent decision. However, while everyone is in agreement that the Wargroove dog commander is a very good boy, is he as much of a good boy as my dog?

wargroove chucklefish dog

Firstly, I should be completely transparent and note that my dog is not a good boy, for she is a girl. Misty, or as I call her “Milly Moo,” “Misty Moolie,” or another cutesy moniker that would cause passersby to immediately lose respect for me, is not going to appear in an upcoming strategy game. She is, however, going to appear directly in the center of my heart from now until the day I die. Here’s us looking at one another dearly:

wargroove chucklefish dog misty

Wargroove‘s dog commander is called Caesar, and he admittedly wears some pretty cool battle armor. Dogs wearing people clothes is a thing that I think we can all get behind, and Caesar has some nifty headwear and a cape, too:

wargroove caesar dog faction

But on the other hand, Misty dressed up as a bat last Halloween:

dog chucklefish wargroove factions

“Despite being a dog, he has managed to create an incredible air of authority and dignity around him, so much so that he is able to command whole armies to defend the Cherrystone Kingdom,” Chucklefish’s description of Caesar reads. “But you better watch out, this doggy gets ruff.”

I appreciate that Caesar is a dog from a well-to-do background who doesn’t mind getting his paws dirty, though it would be very remiss of me to not point out that Misty’s paws also get pretty dirty when she’s playing outdoors:

wargroove class chucklefish

All-in-all, I think we can all agree that both Misty and Caesar are special in their own ways. Only my dog is not a work of fiction and, therefore, can be petted at any given moment. Take that, Caesar, you little shit.