Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Announced

Bandai Namco have announced a Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour. The tournament series will begin at the CEO Fighting Game Championships from June 29 to July 1 in Daytona Beach, Florida. If you’re interested in participating, you have until June 19 to register.

We don’t have an awful lot of details right now, but it’s likely to be a year-long tournament circuit similar in style to the Capcom Pro Tour, or the Tekken World Tour. Just an hour ago, Bandai Namco US tweeted all of the basic information outlined above, with the inaugural stop for the World Tour taking place at the CEO Fighting Game Championships and the deadline for registration, signing off by saying that “more details will be revealed soon.”

Launching earlier this year, Dragon Ball FighterZ has made quite an impression on the fighting game community. It’s been the main event at a number of competitions due to the high number of entrants. It even clawed its way to the top of the charts for most entries for Evo 2018, beating iconic powerhouses like Street Fighter 5Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Tekken 7. For a game that’s only five months old, that’s an incredibly impressive feat.

It’s not necessarily surprising, however. Dragon Ball FighterZ has seen an immensely positive response from both the fans and the critics alike, praised for how enjoyable it is to both play and watch at almost any skill level. Its roots in one of the world’s most iconic anime series is certainly a factor in its favour. Combined with how successfully Arc System Works balanced approachability for new players with enough complexity for professionals to dig into, something on the scale of a Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour felt inevitable.

Not a lot more information is available on where the tournament circuit will be stopping and what the structure will be like, but if you want to participate in the first stop of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour then you can register your interest on the CEO Gaming website.