God of War, Detroit Lead May PlayStation Store Downloads

Sony’s recent first-party games have been doing well on physical discs and now the console maker has revealed that they’re also doing well on their own digital storefronts. God of War and Detroit: Become Human both topped PlayStation Store downloads in May for the United States and Europe respectively. Both games also did quite well in the territory where they didn’t achieve the most downloads too.

God of War not only came out on top in the United States on the PS4, but also on the Vita. The God of War Collection was the second most downloaded game for the month on the system right behind Persona 4 Golden. For Europe, God of War was the third most downloaded game and God of War 3 Remastered came in tenth place on that same list. Detroit and Dark Souls Remastered finished in second and third respectively.

Detroit: Become Human, despite having less than a week on the market, still outsold both FIFA 18 and God of War in Europe. The physical version also did well in its first week in the territory, dethroning God of War‘s five-week reign. While we have yet to hear numbers for other countries, there might possibly be some home field advantage at play here, given that Detroit was, ironically, made in France.

Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality came in first for PSVR in Europe and Killing Floor: Incursion topped out in the United States. While a slightly dry month for PSVR, both titles were the biggest releases for the system. The popularity of the Rick and Morty television series might have helped the game stay on top for over a month, given how far off the next season of the show is.

H1Z1: Battle Royale beat out Fortnite for the biggest free-to-play game in the United States (Europe doesn’t have that chart listed). While Epic Games’ title is still wildly popular and still seeing plenty of new updates, it might have a new competitor on the PS4. But H1Z1: Battle Royale came out in May so it is yet to be seen if it can maintain its momentum.