Mario and Bowser Mod Invade Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Zelda Breath of the Wild community has always had some serious, dedicated modders that will do things that’ll blow your mind, even if it’s the smallest of things like giving Link the skin of Link from previous games. Little things like that. However, this time modders have outdone themselves. Because now a Mario and Bowser mod is available and by god, it’s ridiculously good and you need to see it.

As stated above, it isn’t the first time the community has done something amazing to the game. One of our favorites has to be the modders behind the Zelda protagonist mod, a mod that allows you to play through the adventure as Princess Zelda herself. Which can lead to some confusing moments, particularly when you sit down and realize that you’re trying to save yourself, but hey, who are we to judge?

Nonetheless, this Mario and Bowser mod is sure to give Nintendo fans yet another reason to waste a few more hours in the wonderful world of Hyrule. Of course, Mario and Bowser aren’t actually a package and are in fact possible after Trollsquad57 put several mods together, such as LynardKiller’s Bowser, WilianZilz’s Mario, and BeardBear’s music mod. Once put together, these make the vitriol cocktail that truly suits the battle of the ages.

Mario’s mod isn’t the best, especially as there are some moments where his shadow warps into Link’s as though he’s somehow become an Italian Peter Pan, but Bowser’s mod (who takes the role of a Hinox) is nothing short of incredible. The fight, as you can watch for yourselves below, is a pretty intense one and even if you don’t like the mods, you can’t deny the effort and dedication that was put into them.

Now, where’s our Link and Hinox fight in Super Mario Odyssey? Get on it, modders.