E3 2018: Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Revealed at EA Play

At today’s EA Play press conference we got a first look at Battlefield 5 multiplayer. EA kicked E3 2018 off with a great start by showing what we can expect from the BFV multiplayer. Movable emplacements, better destruction, diving, and more were showcased.

DICE touched on single-player War Stories, which look to be a continuation of the system introduced in Battlefield 1. They also said that there would be no premium pass or loot boxes. The biggest announcement, though, was that there will be a battle royale mode coming to the game sometime after release this year. We didn’t get to see much of the multiplayer today, though. We’ll have to wait until Microsoft’s conference tomorrow for the big Battlefield 5 unveil.

Seeing as this is probably the biggest non-sports title EA has coming this year, it seems a bit odd to be saving all the material on it for Microsoft’s conference. However, since Xbox seems to be heavily sponsoring the game, it’s likely that marketing it during the Xbox conference was a financial arrangement between EA and Microsoft. We haven’t yet got word on whether the Xbox version of the game would have exclusive content, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some perks to buying the game on Microsoft’s console instead of PS4 or PC.