E3 2018: Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Revealed

We saw a bit of Battlefield 5 multiplayer at today’s EA Play conference. However, the biggest announcement, though, was that there will be a battle royale mode coming to the game sometime after release this year.

We don’t have many (any) details on how Battlefield 5 battle royale will work, but we do have a rough release window. DICE said that it will debut after launch, but it will come sometime this year. Battlefield 5 will follow suit with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 as being the second major multiplayer shooter franchise to include a battle royale mode. With how popular the game style is now it seems like AAA studios are trying to cash in. However, with Battlefield‘s concentration on vehicular combat, we may get an interesting twist on battle royale rather than something imitative.

With how DICE is highlighting the destructibility of  buildings and towed weapon emplacements, this battle royale might contain a lot more carnage than we’re used to. If someone is holed up in a building it’s a game changer if you can haul in an artillery piece to destroy their cover. Balance is going to be the issue here, since those who make it into armored vehicles would chew through those on foot. Hopefully we’ll hear more about it as E3 2018 goes on.