E3 2018: Gears of War 5 Announced at Microsoft Conference

Gears of War 5 was revealed to the world at today’s E3 2018 Microsoft Conference. Not much was revealed about the game, but we do know that it’s coming and it’ll be the biggest Gears ever. This time around you’ll play as Kait in the direct sequel to Gears of War 4 and just the bit we saw today looks stunning.

Gears 5 will have the same campaign multiplayer modes that previous entries did. You can look forward to playing the campaign in single-player, local split-screen, or online co-op. Multiplayer will also return, though, we don’t have details on the particulars of that mode just yet.

This game should pop visually, even more so that Gears of War 4. On Xbox One X the game will run at 60 fps in 4K HDR, the targets for the basic Xbox One and Xbox One S models hasn’t been announced yet, but since it’s a first party game we can expect it to run well on those consoles as well.

Those subscribing to Xbox Game Pass can look forward to playing Gears of War 5 on launch day at no additional cost. Gear of War 5 will release exclusively on Xbox One and PC sometime in 2019.