E3 2018: Turn Based Strategy Gears Tactics Announced for PC

Now for something completely different. Gears of War is getting a turn-based strategy game coming to PC. Gears Tactics, a brand-new spin on the franchise, is coming to PC, as announced at E3 2018.

If you’re worried about Gears 5 then, don’t worry, that’s still to come. For now, though, there’s a Halo Wars-esque game that looks like the perfect fit for the universe. A squad based system focused on flanking Locust and battling Brumaks in large-scale environments a la XCOM? Sign me right up.

With Gears POP and Gears 5 bookending this announcement, it seemed like a peculiar moment to unleash a strategy game onto the masses. It’s a niche genre to begin with, but there’s bound to be plenty of naysayers who have been swayed by the short E3 2018 reveal.

There has been no release date as of writing, nor whether it’s coming to Xbox One, but you’d imagine it would come to consoles sometime around 2019, with 2018’s release window rapidly slamming shut.

You can watch the Gears Tactics trailer below, which gives us a little tease of what to expect from the turn-based strategy game. Sure, I’m a little wary of it, but, honestly, the CoG rocking up and ripping the Locust to shreds while under your capable command is about as interest as the series can get without Marcus Fenix and co. That Brumak will be a helluva boss too, by the looks of it.