E3 2018: Fallout Shelter Switch and PS4 Versions Announced

Fallout Shelter will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 according to an announcement at tonight’s Bethesda E3 2018 conference. With those two new platforms you can play Fallout Shelter on pretty much anything.

Don’t expect much to be different on Switch and PS4 compared to the iOS, Android, PC, or Xbox One versions of Fallout Shelter. You’ll still get the same shelter-building and wasteland-exploring good time you do anywhere else. One bonus for the Switch version is that you can use the touchscreen or controller to play.

Todd Howard said that over 120 million people have played Fallout Shelter across all platforms, which is more people than every game Bethesda has made previously combined. But, that’s kind of cheating when the game is free in my opinion. It’s kind of like saying, “we put all these free apples out and people ate way more of those than the steak dinners we sell.” It’s is fun enough, but play it long enough and the same trappings you see in other free-to-play games will become apparent.

This is one of those instant gratification announcements, which are always great. You can download and play Fallout Shelter on PS4 and Nintendo Switch right now.