Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise Coming to PS4 in Fall 2018

You are already dead. Prepare for more over the top anime action as Sega announces Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise for the PS4. It is slated for release on October 2nd, 2018. The Japanese version of the game, Hokuto Ga Gotoku, was originally released earlier this year on February 22nd, 2018. The game will be developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, the development team behind the Yakuza franchise, and published by Sega.

Fist Of The North Star Lost Paradise: AH TATATATA!

Sega revealed the news on its official Twitter account earlier today. Not much has been revealed about the game but we do know that Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise will come with a dual audio option, for both English and Japanese voice tracks. The game adopts several gameplay traits from Sega’s own Yakuza franchise, including its quirky mini-games and side-quests.

Players will assume the role of Kenshiro, as they progress through an alternate universe of the original story adapted from the manga. They will also explore the post-apocalyptic wastes of the Earth in a customizable buggy, and tear through groups of thugs using Kenshiro’s signature Hokuto Shinken techniques, screaming “ah tatatatatata!” many times.

The game was a huge success when it launched in Japan. It’s the first game to finally topple Monster Hunter World off its seven consecutive weeks at number one. There was no confirmation of a Western release back then. The success of Yakuza 6 in international regions must have been a determining factor in Sega’s decision to localize the game.

The last Fist of the North Star game to be released in the West was 2013’s Fist of the North Star Ken’s Rage 2, and that was on the previous generation of consoles. This will be the first game in the franchise to launch in the West for the current generation of consoles.